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Refund Policy


Please read about the refund options offered by Lumen Sports Sdn. Bhd.
All race entries registered with Lumen Sports Sdn. Bhd. are considered final goods and services sold. ​It is not transferrable to other events.
If you are unable to find anyone to replace you to participate on the race event, and would prefer for a refund option, we ONLY accept refund requests with genuine reasons of the following:

  • 1. Pregnancy

  • 2. Oversea job postings/job relocation

  • 3. Permanent disability that is caused by road accidents, work or sports competitions

  • 4. Death


All of the reasons above must take place after race entry registration has been done.

You must provide the supporting official documents and letter from medical/doctor or employer for our review.
You must submit your refund request not later than (1) ONE month before the race event date.
​Only your race entry registration is considered for a refund request. Personal arrangements for example (but not limited to) accommodation, flights, local transportations are not under the consideration of refund request.
Failure to meet and provide the criteria(s) as stated above will result in declination of your refund request.

Kindly email with the email subject: EVENT/NAME/CATEGORY and attach the following documents;

  1. 1. Your race confirmation slip or email

  2. 2. Your payment slip or email

  3. 3. Reason of withdrawal from the race event

  4. 4. Supporting document

  5. 5. Your banking details (Bank Name, Bank Account No., Account Holder Name,IC & Mobile no)

Do note that there will be a 6% gateway charge on the total amount.
In the event that the race event’s course is, in the opinion of the event organizer, unsafe in the event of natural disasters or extreme weather (for example, not limited to, heavy rain, high winds, bushfires, haze, thunderstorm, landslide), the event organizer may, in their sole discretion, attempts to re-route the course, find an alternative shortened course or cancel the event. The event organizer also reserves the right to cancel the event for any other reasons which may include but is not limited to terrorism and war. If the event is cancelled, re-routed or shortened, no refund or transfer to another Lumen Sports Sdn. Bhd. event will be made.

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