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Thank you organizer, support crew (first aid) and runners. I met many amazing people. Last year I was DNF and this year I am successfully to complete my very first 100km. Now my ankle and knees bengkak....but memories are sweet. "

Loh Wen Cheun  - Route 68 Ultra


21 - 22 October 2023.png

Silva Sekinchan Ultra

16 - 17 November 2024

Road Running


Sireh Park Ultra

9 December 2023

Trail Running

Semenyih Ultra 2024 - Banner.png

Semenyih Ultra

3-4 February 2024

Road Running

GNU 2024 - Banner.png

Gunung Nuang Ultra

11-12 May 2024

Trail Running

Green Professional Forest YouTube Thumbnail (3).png

Bukit Lagong Challenge

17-18 February 2024

Trail Running


Janda Baik Ultra

8-9 June 2024

Trail Running

highland fb cover photo.png

Highland Ultra

23 - 24 November 2024

Road Running

Bukit Kiara Ultra Challenge

7 January 2024

Trail Running


Route 68 Ultra

2-3  March 2024

Road Running


Langkawi Ultra

24-26 May 2024

Road Running

Navy and Yellow Illustrative Night Cycling Banner.png

Taman Jaya Ultra


Road Endurance


Bukit Kiara X


Trail Running

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